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Course Length: Approximately 7 Weeks - Sunday and Wednesday, 3-4 hours every day. Follow the subjects strongly, training in the home on QTP test model and ask your questions in respected report review section. If you are a professional QTP person please share your experience to enhance this QTP coaching series by discussing advanced QTP concepts and answering visitors' questions. HP's Rapid Exam Skilled (QTP) can be an application that facilitates Robot Screening for applications - Useful and Regression testing to become more particular.

After I save this test script and perform it back, QTP may enter the identical ID, Code I inserted before and clicks around the fine option for me personally. Currently this being the fundamental check generation technique's gist, file and playback are insufficient to a strong examination script. There are various technical elements to be taken into account before we try to report and playback, such as the state-of the AUT, synchronization, the exact menu options, the actual signal that QTP generates etc. We'll arrive at that as soon as we examine the tool's basic aspects itself.

NOTE: Below wording lessons are enough for you to begin learning on QTP automation device. But if you are enthusiastic about handson LIVE QTP teaching please check our detailed QTP program that is online by the professionals that are experienced. Considering these tutorials' major set, we will be writing new posts UFT Training usually. Record all articles within this Swift Exam Professional Online training collection so you will not overlook any theme. E.g.: Once I try to access the login page of a webbased mail system and launch QTP, I Code, enter the login ID and media the button.